Land cover change detection over Apulia, Italy

Apulia LandCover S1 October2014

Every 12 days the relative orbit 146 brings Sentinel-1A satellite over the region of Apulia in the south of Italy.

Apulia is the less mountainous region of Italy; the scarcity of precipitations and its karstic nature make it poor of surface watercourses.

Here we see a multi-temporal color composite of land cover from the Adriatic Sea at north to the Ionian Sea at southeast. The different colors show changes occurred within two consecutive passages of the satellite during October 2014.

Cities are visible in yellow, with the regional and provincial capitals Bari at north and Taranto at south, respectively. Water bodies appear in blue. Agricultural and vegetated areas appear in green. Unchanged features as bare soil appear in red and orange. For example, the fringes on the west are gorges carved in limestone rock, partially covered by woods.

Sentinel-1A, in orbit since April 2014, is a radar satellite, that means it is an imaging mission with all-weather and day-and-night capability, for monitoring land and ocean environments and for mapping water and soil surfaces. Sentinel-1B joined the mission in April 2016, ensuring 6 days repeat cycle.


First released: 13/09/2017
Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data [2014], processed by Melchionna – Remote Sensing
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