Melchionna – Remote Sensing was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing scientific consulting on Earth Observation (EO) services and of producing environmental applications by using remotely sensed resources. We establish a personal contact with our clients in order to find out which is the best EO product that can solve their issues, and we develop it in-house or in collaboration with our partners.

Our vision is to become the local reference point for those who want to discover how EO data can boost his business, providing solutions that are sustainable for communities and for our planet.

Dr. Sabrina Melchionna, founder of the company, is a physicist, specialized in Satellite data analysis for Earth Observation. She has professional experience in:

  • radar satellite (SAR) data calibration and processing;
  • segmentation and classification of optical and hyperspectral satellite imagery;
  • development of algorithms for data analysis of ground based weather- and cloud- radar.